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Premier Grower & Distributor of High-Quality Sod & Turf For Golf Courses In Birmingham, AL.

When you’re in the business of building golf courses, there’s a lot to consider. You must consider the design, maintenance, and renovation of your tees, bunkers, and fairways. South Dallas Turf Farm can help you with all of these decisions. We only provide elite turf grass options grown to perfection for any golf course renovation.

When renovating a golf course, it is essential to keep the country club members satisfied. We’ve been providing high-quality sod for golf courses for over 30 years, so we know what it takes to build a successful course. Sod is the only solution that offers instant results and minimal play disruption. 

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Quality Turf. Southern Commitment.

No two golf projects are the same. Each course has its own set of demands and conditions. Our selection of 5 premium sod choices ensures an ideal fit for whatever circumstances your course encounters. Our method of planting, turf selection, and design are where our expertise makes the difference.

To stay competitive and provide a premium product for your golfers, you must regularly renovate and update your tees, bunkers, and fairways. South Dallas Turf Farm can help you do that and create a gorgeous golf course!

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Fairway Installation

Our extensive fairway-planting experience shows in the lush landscapes we create for golf courses. Sod allows a smooth and seamless transition from old to new green grass!

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Other Services

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Residential Sod

Whether you are a homeowner looking to make lawn care easier or a contractor managing a property, we can provide you with the highest quality sod to create a perfect lawn.

Residential Sod
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Commercial Sod

A dead lawn with unkept landscaping around your business can suggest a lack of attention and care. Let us help you get the perfect green property!

Commercial Sod
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Athletic Uses

Sports such as baseball or football require a pristine and well-manicured lawn for athletes to perform their best. Create remarkably green fields for the big games everyone remembers.

Athletic Uses

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Your golfers are ready to tee off on a newly renovated golf course that will test their abilities and satisfy their every need for a dream course. Luxurious and smooth fairways leave a lasting first impression that leaves people eager to come back and play another round. There’s a reason golf course managers have our number on speed dial. Contact us today to begin building the sharpest golf course in the south.

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